Travel Resources

Here are some of the travel resources I’ve used over the years while researching vacations.  Hopefully you will find them helpful as well:


American Automobile Association tourbooks—free to AAA members, these books have updated information about attractions, including fees.  Information is arranged by city, so those visiting a certain city can find all of the attractions in their area without much difficulty.  The toubooks also list and price restaurants and hotels.  You may also be able to get these from your local library.

AAA also offers free state, national, regional, and city maps to its members.  Specific city maps may not be available in all clubs.

John Fielder’s Best of Colorado by John Fielder (ISBN-13: 978-1565794290).  Amazing book that talks about things to do in Colorado.  It has especially nice photography, an amazing number of attractions listed, and good directions to the attractions.  Highly recommended.

Your local library may also have some great books on traveling.

Links to other websites:

Has reviews on almost everything, including national parks, hotels, restaurants, states, and attractions.  Sometimes the reviews are quite detailed, while other times it’s just a “I like it” or “I hate this”.

This is the National Park website, which lists the parks that are run by the National Park Service.  It has updated information about fees, attractions, and trails.

A website for the National Forests in the US.  Here you can find information about national forests, current trail conditions, fees, and camping information about the National Forest and Bureau of Land Management owned parks/lands.

A site about hiking in Yosemite National Park.  It lists some really great trails, some of which are a bit off the beaten path.

This website, aptly named “Bob’s Arches”, lists arches all over the US (and several from all over the world).  Pictures and driving/hiking directions make this a fun resource.

Hikes and attractions from the Four Corners area of the western US.  This resource lists hikes as well as museums and current cultural happenings.

There is little hiking info here, but there are some great pictures.  The “Amazing Places” span the globe.

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