Patreon June-July Featured Hikes – Zone 9 (Appalachians) & Zone 10 (New England & Atlantic Coast)

Zone 9

Appalachians (Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia)


Mount Minsi

5.5 mile loop; 964ft. vertical change; Moderately Strenuous

The Mount Minsi Trail is definitely overshadowed by Mount Tammany on the other side of the Delaware Water Gap.  We thought, “Why not climb Mount Minsi and look across at Mount Tammany?” and the idea was born.  The trail is very nice and while the top is forested, a view nearby is excellent along the Delaware River and surrounding area.


Lakeside Loop Trail

5.3 mile loop; 246ft. vertical change; Easy to Moderate

The great thing about the Lakeside Loop Trail is that much of the trail offers views across the lake and the surrounding mountains.  Jump in the water if the day is hot, and enjoy the natural setting.

West Virginia

Raven Rock Overlook, West Virginia
PS sk

Raven Rock Trail

2.5 miles out & back; 439ft. elevation gain; Moderate

The Raven Rock Trail in Coopers Park State Forest is short, but the views at the end make it worth the trouble.  Just be careful of the cliffs at the viewpoint.


Strickler Knob Trail

8.6 miles out & back; 2,140ft. elevation change; Strenuous

Some would say that Strickler Knob has some of the best views in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  However, you’ll have to work for it: there’s no official trail, and the route is considered a bushwalk.

North Carolina

Basin Creek

11.0 miles out & back; 1,815ft. elevation gain; Moderately Strenuous

There’s not much in the way of views along Basin Creek, but the idyllicness of the waterfalls and the streamside trail will make up for them.  Go after a heavy rain to make the stream crossings a bit more fun – or to get a bit wetter while crossing the creek.

South Carolina

Yellow Branch Falls

3.4 mile out & back; 255ft. vertical change; Moderate

Some would describe Yellow Branch Falls as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area – perhaps the most beautiful in South Carolina.  Go after a rainfall for the best flow.


Long Creek Falls

3.8 mile out & back; 610ft. elevation gain; Moderate

Hike a section of the AT plus a few other trails to get to Long Creek Falls.  The flow continues throughout the summer, making it a great hike with a reward year-round.

Zone 10

New England & Atlantic Coast (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware)


Gorham Mountain Loop

3.6 mile loop; 485ft. vertical change; Moderately Strenuous

Explore Acadia National Park via the Gorham Mountain Loop that combines iron-rung-ladders, views, and more.  It’s challenging, but there are routes to avoid the most difficult sections if you’re looking for an easier stroll in the park.

New Hampshire

Mount Kearsarge North Trail

5.8 mile out & back; 2,487ft. vertical change; Strenuous

Enjoy fantastic views across the White Mountains while hiking the northern trail up Mount Kearsarge.  A fire lookout at the top is another popular attraction.


Moss Glen Falls

4.2 miles out & back; 613ft. elevation change; Easy

The trail to Moss Glen Falls is short enough to be enjoyable to many hikers and families, but it’s also fairly overlooked – so you might have the route to yourself!


Along the Pamet Trail in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
PC eCape

Pamet Loop

5.4 mile loop; 121ft. vertical change; Moderate

Explore Cape Cod on the Pamet Loop, a pathway along the beach and through the seaside forest.  Colonial-era cottages add another element of variety.


Pine Mountain

4.1 mile loop; 393ft. vertical change; Moderately Strenuous

There’s history, there’s forest, and there’s views along the Pine Mountain Trail.  Watch out for poison ivy and ticks in the summer months.

New Jersey

Hacklebarney Loop

4.1 mile loop; 187ft. vertical change; Moderate

While Hacklebarney State Park was once a haven for summer picnickers, today it’s more of a hiker’s paradise.  Get “lost” on the park’s trails as they wind along streams, through the forest, beside waterfalls, to stone monuments, and more.  More trail maps can be found here.


Prickly Pear Trail

3.6 mile loop; 7ft. vertical change; Easy

Enjoy an easy and fun hike or bike ride on the Prickly Pear Trail.  Located in Delaware Seashore State Park, the loop is the perfect length for a family hike or ride.

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