Atop Gnarl Ridge overlooking Mt. Hood,

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Anne’s Travels! Anything to do with hiking and great views gets me excited.  The more wilderness and off-the-beaten-path the better, although I also enjoy seeing typical attractions such as famous national parks like Yellowstone and the Statue of Liberty.  In general, though, I’m just an incurable View Junkie!

Most of my posts are about hikes I’ve enjoyed.  I also post helpful travel information, gear reviews, “best of” in a state or park, and DIY Travel and Camping Hacks (Bug screens for your van? How about a truck cap to sleep on your roof?).  I update and post new information frequently, so please stop by again soon.  Or, you can subscribe using the RSS link (to the right, above the menu) or find me on Facebook, MeWe, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.  You can also check out my day hiking travel books on GoodReads.com. Happy traveling!

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  1. Oliver Descoeudres

    hi Anne, your “Best of Big Bend” was helpful in planning my trip last year to Big Bend National Park – thanks. I’ve referenced it on my blog post. I couldn’t leave a comment on this page, but a few observations:

    * as you’ve noted on your updated page, I found Lost Mine Trail a fantastic hike (I would only recommend skipping this one if you’re doing Emory Peak and South Rim, which is even better)! Perhaps suggest going early or late in the day – I set out in the late afternoon, and had the trail to myself a great sunset from the top.

    * I mostly agree with your snyopsis of the Window – but it’s not a bad spot to end the day; again, I had the place on my own at sunset.

    * some of your recommendations needed a high clearance / 4WD vehicle (the ranger recommended I didn’t take my rental sedan to Grapevine Hills, for example) – so might be worth noting that.


  2. Hi Oliver!

    Thanks so much for the updates! I’m really looking forward to doing the South Rim someday. It sounds like your sunsets were fantastic. I’ll update the page for 4×4 / high clearance.


  3. james demet

    Hi Anne
    fascinated with your site
    driving from Zion to Moab , to break up drive- we are looking for 2-3 hour hike moderate hike close to highways (15/ 70) and not desert like
    any suggestion

  4. Hi James! Both I-15 and I-70 are pretty much in the desert (I drove I-15 last month, and believe me, it’s in the desert!) If you want a non-desert hike, I might suggest Delano Peak – it’s not too far off of I-15. The mileage varies depending on the exact route you take / trailhead / what kind of vehicle you’re driving. Route descriptions can be found at https://www.outdoorproject.com/adventures/utah/hikes/delano-peak-hike, http://www.girlonahike.com/2018/01/hiking-to-delano-peak-tushar-mountains.html, https://www.roadtripryan.com/go/t/utah/westdesert/delano-peak, and https://www.summitpost.org/delano-peak-ut/152064. Another summer hike (cool because of the water) that’s near I-15 is Kanarra Creek Canyon (https://utah.com/hiking/kanarra-creek-canyon), but flash floods can be a real problem, and I hear the area has had rain recently, so use caution. Hope that helps! ~Anne

  5. Gary King

    As a resident of South Dakota I want to correct a few errors published in the Bear Butte blog, First Bear Butte is in Southwestern South Dakota not Northwestern. And there was a suggestion that it is isolated from every thing else, when in fact the Black Hills with many exciting vistas are waiting for those who wish to travel there. If you had faced the west you could not have missed the Black Hills.

    As my indigenous friends would say,Pilmaya

  6. Andrew Core


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  7. Hello Andrew! I’m not currently accepting applications for guests posts, do-follow links, or in-context text links. But thanks for reaching out to me! If I do begin accepting applications in the future, I’ll let you know.

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