Patreon August/September Featured Hikes – Zone 5 (Great Plains) & Zone 6 (Great Lakes States)

Zone 5

Great Plains (Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma)

North Dakota

Sunset Trail Loop

2.1 mile loop; 169ft. elevation gain; Easy to Moderate

Views; badlands; prairie; Little Missouri National Grassland

Sunset Trail Loop Guide

South Dakota

PC Kevin Palmer of, All Rights Reserved

Crow Peak Trail

6.3 miles out & back; 1,521ft. elevation gain; Moderate

Views; forest; Black Hills National Forest

Crow Peak Trail Guide


PC Larry Reis, All Rights Reserved

Aston/Clear Creek Trail

4.2 mile loop; 257ft. elevation gain; Easy to Moderate

Forest; creek; prairie; Coralville

Aston/Clear Creek Trail Guide


Baxa Trail

1.6 miles out & back; 179ft. elevation gain; Moderate

Rock formations; views; prairie; Ogallala

Baxa Trail Guide


Smoke Valley Ranch: Big Loop

5.3 mile loop; 272ft. elevation gain; Easy

Prairie; views; rock formations; Winona

Smoke Valley Ranch: Big Loop Guide


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Oklahoma River Trail

3.8 miles out & back; 36ft. elevation gain; Easy

River; history; wildlife; variable length; Oklahoma City

Oklahoma River Trail Guide

Zone 6

Great Lakes States (New York, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois)


Superior Hiking Trail: Bean and Bear Lakes

6.3 miles out & back; 997ft. elevation gain; Moderately Strenuous

Views; forest; lake; waterfall; Silver Bay

Superior Hiking Trail: Bean and Bear Lakes Trail Guide


Lion’s Den Trail

2.1 mile lollipop loop; 147ft. elevation gain; Easy

Views; beach; forest; creek; Grafton

Lion’s Den Trail Guide


PC Chauncey, All Rights Reserved

Lake Defiance Trail

3.9 mile loop; 93ft. elevation gain; Easy to Moderate

Forest; lake; views; McHenry

Lake Defiance Trail Guide


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Eagle’s Crest Trail

4.8 miles out & back; 206ft. elevation gain; Moderately Strenuous

Views; lake; forest; creek; Eagle Creek Park

Eagle’s Crest Trail Guide


PC AllieKF, All rights Reserved

Penosha Trail

4.9 mile loop; 393ft. elevation gain; Moderately Strenuous

Forest; creek; Brighton State Recreation Area

Penosha Trail Guide


Rock House

0.8 mile loop; 203ft. elevation gain; Moderately Strenuous

Rock formations; forest; Hocking Hills State Park

Rock House Trail Guide

New York

Niagara Gorge from the rim. PC Anne’s Travels, All Rights Reserved

Devils Hole, Whirlpool, and Niagara Gorge Railroad Grade

7.9 mile loop; 2,485ft. elevation gain; Strenuous

Views; rock formations; river; Niagara Falls

Devils Hole, etc., Trail Guide