Atop Gnarl Ridge overlooking Mt. Hood,

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Anne’s Travels! Anything to do with hiking and great views gets me excited.  The more wilderness and off-the-beaten-path the better, although I also enjoy seeing typical attractions such as famous national parks like Yellowstone and the Statue of Liberty.  In general, though, I’m just an incurable View Junkie!

Most of my posts are about hikes I’ve enjoyed.  I also post helpful travel information, gear reviews, “best of” in a state or park, and DIY Travel and Camping Hacks (Bug screens for your van? How about a truck cap to sleep on your roof?).  I update and post new information frequently, so please stop by again soon.  Or, you can subscribe using the RSS link (to the left, above the menu) or find me on Facebook, Google+, Flickr, YouTube, and Pinterest.  You can also check out my day hiking travel books on Amazon.com. Happy traveling!

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