Gear Review: Camptrace Hiking Hat

The two hats in this review: A child's hat (grey) and an adult hat (green)
The two hats in this review: A child’s hat (grey) and an adult hat (green)

Today I get to review two hiking hats from Camptrace!  I love the bucket hat style for hiking; they keep the sun off of my face, ears, and neck – which given how light-skinned I am is a good thing.  The adult version I got has a neck flap, which keeps the sun off of your neck and off part of your shoulders, while the children’s version has snaps to pin up the sides for a cooler look.

*Note: I received these two Camptrace hats as part of a promotion.  However, all opinions here are my own, and I am under no obligation to do this review at all.  There are affiliate links in this post.

Overall, I found the Camptrace sun hats to be comfortable and serviceable.  They feel high-quality and should last a long time.  The hats are 100% nylon and can be hand-washed when necessary.

Learn more in this video and in the text-review below it:

Fit: The adult hat (green one shown here) has a 56cm-60cm (22in. to 23.5 in.) fit; I have found it to work with heats sized 21.5 to 24.25.  The baby hat (not shown here) is 1T-4T (18.9-20.5 in) while the child hat (gray one shown here) is 4T-8T (20.5-22). I measure at 21.5 inches and both hats fit me fine, though the adult hat is more comfortable for me (see below).

Pros of the Camptrace Sun Hats

Great colors.  The adult hat comes in six colors, including two tans, two grays, one green (shown here), and one pink.  The children’s hats come in five colors, including pink, blue, gray (shown here), and two colors (dark blue and purple) with a cute dinosaur pattern.

The adult model fits most head sizes.  “One Size Fits Most” doesn’t work for me (they’re always too big!) or for one of my hiking companions (they’re always too small!)  I was extremely pleased to find that these are a comfortable fit for both me and him. (My hat size is approximately 6 7/8; he wears 7 ¾.)

Wearing the adult hat with the neck flap down
Wearing the adult hat with the neck flap down

Has size adjustor.  This is so great, because it means I can make the brim fit my own head.  The adult version is a cinch on the back of the hat band; the child model has a Velcro strip along the inside of the hatband that allows for adjustment.

Neck flap.  Keeps the sun off of your neck.  It can be rolled up and out of the way if you don’t want it for whatever reason.

Mesh for breathability.  Both hats have mesh above the brim to keep your head cool.  The children’s hat is sheer mesh, while the adult hat has a breathable fabric inside to keep the sun off of your head.

Washing instructions for the hiking hat
Washing instructions

The crown isn’t too deep.  One of my biggest complaints about most bucket hats is that the crowns are so deep that the hat rests on top of my ears (not comfortable).  The adult hat has a shallow enough crown that it isn’t on my ears.  The children’s hat is a different story (see below).

Chin strap.  Keeps the hat from blowing away in the wind.  Yay!

Great feel.  Both are very comfortable, though I find the adult hat not quite as tight (which makes sense since I’m at the upper end of the range of fit).  See the cons for another reason why I like the adult hat from a feel standpoint.  Overall, they’re both lightweight and the headbands have a slight cushiness to them that will make them comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Resilient.  The hats can be folded and still come out looking great.  That’s a huge pro for me, since stuff gets pretty messy in the van when we’re traveling.

50+SPF sun protection.  This helps to block the sun from hitting your skin.

The child's hat
The child’s hat

Cons of the Camptrace Sun Hats

Adult hat doesn’t have side snaps.  Some people like to snap up the sides of their hats.  While the child hat has this option, the adult hat does not.

Child hat doesn’t have a neck flap.  Another model does, so that’s no big deal.

The child hat is too deep.  The crown of the child’s hat is deep enough that it rests on my ears.  Not comfortable after a few hours.

Hand wash only.  A minor gripe is that these hats are hand-wash only.  I’d have liked to be able to throw them in the washing machine after taking dusty or sweaty hikes.  But at least I can wash them; some of my hats are spot-clean only…

Adult Hat

Child’s Hat

Baby’s Hat

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